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CFHS Parking

  1. Applications must be submitted using the students’ CCISD account and email.
  2. Through the online application the student must acknowledge that they received or view a copy of the Clear Falls parking rules.
  3. To be approved for a parking permit, students must have submitted the Skyward back to school paperwork, submitted their proof of residency, and be clear of fees and fines.
  4. Students must have a valid Texas driver’s license at the time of application, and active vehicle insurance that shows the student’s name and vehicle they are driving to campus.
  5. Copies of the student’s driver’s license and insurance MUST be uploaded at the

    time of application submission.

  6. Once the application is received by Clear Falls staff, the $35 parking fee will be added to their Skyward account.
  7. The $35 parking fee MUST be paid in Skyward in order for the student to be handed their parking sticker.
  8. Once the parking fee is paid, the student may pick up their parking sticker with the House 2 Secretary when students return to school.
  9. For any questions about the application process, uploading documents, or where to pick up a sticker, please email

Online Parking Permit Application