Learning Opportunities for Grandparents

CCISD Launches Grand Learning Opportunities
Posted on 01/27/2016
grand learning

Education in the Clear Creek Independent School District is a Grandaffair for a growing number of students. While a relatively new term, Grandfamilies account for an increasing number of families in CCISD as well as across the country.

According to a U.S. Census report, the percentage of grandparents caring for their grandchildren has increased by a third since 1970, with the sharpest increase over the past five years. In CCISD, approximately 1,200 students have a grandparent as a guardian or primary caregiver.  

The school district has noticed the uptick of active grandparents to the extent it is creating a new community outreach program to help this older audience re-assimilate with public education. Beginning in March 2016, the school district will launch its first Grand Learning series. 

“Twice a month, I have the honor to visit with parents at various CCISD schools. It is an opportunity for me learn through listening and connect trends across the district. This past year, many of our parent conversations were focused on the needs of grandparents and how much school has changed,” said Greg Smith, Superintendent of Schools. “It is our hope and goal that these learning sessions not only give grandparents the tools they need to help their grandchildren at home but also a mechanism to connect with each other.”

The first series of face-to-face sessions will focus on the software systems the school district utilizes in the classroom as well as a means for parent communication. As an added feature, the three spring sessions will include basics for grandparents raising children in elementary, intermediate and/or high school. The three sessions will be held on March 1, April 5, and May 3.

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