Project Graduation

Project Graduation

Project Graduation will be held at Main Event in League City on June 1st from 10:30pm - 5am. The doors will close at 12:30am. It is an all-inclusive/all-night party for YOU only. The party will include all Main Event activities, an all-night food buffet, Door Prizes and much, much more.

Tickets are only $20 until December 31st.

Tickets are on sell every Tuesday during lunch. Please bring this signed waiver with you to purchase your tickets. 

Please click here if you would like to help sponsor Project Graduation.

Joins us for Spirit Night at Chick-Fil A Clear Lake Shores on Tuesday November 29th. 

If you would like to get involved with Project Graduation, please join us at one of our upcoming meetings.

Tuesday November 29th - Chick-Fil A Clear Lake Shores
Tuesday, December 13th - Iguanas Ranas
Wednesday, January 18th - Chick-Fil A Clear Lake Shores

***Project Graduation is not a school sponsored event. For information regarding project graduation please contact Melissa Crain at