Counseling Department


Meet Our Clear Falls Counseling Team




Mary Bragg
Lead Counselor








Lauren Redmon
Secretary to the Lead Counselor




Margarita Reyes
Counselor (A-E)


April Keyes
Counselor (F-K)











Shara Schlitzberger
Counselor (L-Re)






Beth Fawcett
Counselor (Rf-Z)



Yolene Hairgrove
9th Grade Counselor



Mondee Stone
Student Support Counselor 










Shea Hillman
Student Support Counselor












Jeanette Johnson
College and Career Specialist












Venessa Guerrero
Registrar (A-K)
FAX 281-284-9840

Connie Thomas
Registrar (L-Z)
FAX 281-284-9840



Claire Loveall
Data Specialist






For more information on what our counseling team can provide you with, please click HERE