National Technical Honor Society

What is the mission of NTHS?

To honor student achievement and leadership, award scholarships, promote educational excellence and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

What is NTHS?

The CFHS Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society is an active organization that supports the local community through service (volunteering) and supports CTE (Career & Technical Education). Only juniors and seniors who meet certain criteria (listed on the application) are allowed to join this organization. All active members who sufficiently complete certain requirements will earn the privilege to wear NTHS honor cords at graduation. Joining NTHS is the only way for a CTE student from any CTE program to earn honor cords for graduation. No other CTE program awards honor cords for graduation.

 How do I become a member of NTHS?

  • Must be a junior or senior.
  • Must maintain a 3.5 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • Must maintain a 90 or above overall average in all Career and Technical Education classes.
  • Must have 3 Career and Technical Education credits in 2 or more classes.  This includes present enrollment.
    • (Please refer to the Educational Planning Guide, pages 145-168, to verify your CTE courses and credits.)
  • Must receive 2 teacher signatures for recommendations.
  • Must have no ISS, AEP, or Suspensions and no more than 2 Saturday D-Halls for current school year.
  • Must exhibit the following characteristics: Citizenship, Honesty, Responsibility, Productivity, Initiative and Adhere to CCISD Honor Code.

 When do I apply and how much does it cost to join?

Applications are available at the beginning of each school year and are due in September. They can be picked up from Mrs. Bevel or any CTE teacher during the application window. New member dues are $40. Returning member dues are $15.