The American Sign Language Honor Society

What is the mission of ASLHS?

The American Sign Language Honor Society’s mission is to encourage and recognize high academic achievement in ASL studies for high school students.  Like honor societies for other languages, the ASLHS seeks to enrich the overall learning experience of those studying ASL.

What is ASLHS?

The CFHS ASL Honor Society is an opportunity for ASL students to gain recognition for high academic achievement in their study of ASL.   ASLHS Members are expected to be enrolled in ASL III or higher, maintain a certain GPA level, complete community service hours directly related to the Deaf community, and complete in a national literature competition. 

How do I become a member?

In the fall, students are invited to apply for ASLHS membership.  Members are expected to:

  • Be enrolled in ASL III, ASL III AA or ASL IV
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Maintain an average of 90 in ASL course work
  • Complete 5 hours of community service directly connected to the Deaf community
  • Have no ISS, AEP, or Suspensions and no more than 2 Saturday D-Halls for current school year
  • Exhibit the following characteristics: Citizenship, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty, Courage, Excellence, and Adhere to CCISD Honor Code

Graduation Honors:

Students who are actively involved in ASLHS and fulfill all of the national requirements can proudly wear the ASLHS honor cords at graduation.